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Hair Extensions

We use 100% natural human hair extension ethically sourced from India. Hair extensions are sold per package and the installation is already included in the price.

Hair Extensions

Natural hair

They are the most demanded and can be washed, dyed, dried, and ironed; they tend to be expensive but they will be worth it as they look so much healthier.

Synthetic hair

They are used mostly for occasions, they are characterized by being made of synthetic fibers and mostly to complement and make hairstyles. You should not dry them, iron them or dye them.

Temporary Extensions

They are easy to apply and remove. They are often used for special occasions and allow you to add length and volume to your hair in a matter of seconds.

Permanent Extensions

The installation systems that I will name below are characterized by being reusable and long-lasting. Please give us a call. Best haircuts and hairstyles in town.

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1 Pack Virgin hair
From $190
1 Pack Colored hair
From $210


1 Pack Virgin hair
From $210
1 Pack Colored hair
From $250


1 Pack Virgin hair
From $850
1 Pack Colored hair
From $900

High quality human hair extension

A haircut change is usually thought of in one sense: it can only be shorter. But it’s not always like this. Best Hair Extensions Salon offers you the opportunity to change your look from short to long hair overnight. It is a trick that celebrities use all the time and that is part of the basic equipment of a photoshoot in the world of fashion. There are many types of hair extensions, but we recommend that you look for those that are made of natural hair, as they blend better than synthetic ones. The techniques for applying the extensions vary depending on what your preferences are and what you are looking for. Try to get the advice of a professional before deciding on one. Please give us a call we would be happy to assist you. Best haircuts and hairstyles in town.

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Hair Extensions are strands or curtains of hair installations that are added to your hair and serve mainly to add volume and/or length to your hair. You can achieve the same results with all hair extensions, the only difference is the placement system.

Hair Extension Installations

Best Hair Extensions Salon have been a trend for some years, these are strands of hair curtains that can be natural or synthetic and are added to the hair itself, their function is to provide both volume and length; They are used mostly by girls who have difficulty in hair growth or for those who want to show off a beautiful long and voluptuous hair in some eventuality. 

Our hair extensions are also made with medical-grade strong adhesive to provide long-lasting wear.BGREEN SALON is an Eco-Conscious Hairdressing Salon Specializing in the Best Hair Extensions, Cut and Color, Manicure, Wedding. Hair Extensions in Coral Gables – Miami! Natural Curly Hair Extensions. Best Quality Hair Extensions and Hair Coloring. Please give us a call we would be happy to assist you. Best haircuts and hairstyles in town. Hairdressing Salon Miami Florida. Haircut and Coloring Service Miami-Dade.

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