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The Best Hair Extensions are Available at Beauty Green Salon in Miami and Coral Gables!

Best Quality Hair Extensions

Our salon has the Best quality hair extensions, you can notice from the beginning that they start putting them on you that they adjust straight to your look.  You can check out that they are of the utmost superiority.  Everyone comes to our salon to get these because they understand that we have the best of them in stock.  When you leave here it looks like that the extra hair is part of your natural look, we leave them on you like they we truly part of your own.  When you hear the feedback of the people receiving their hairstyles here you hear that they come out looking great, we have got no complaints but only compliments.  Everyone from all over the city decides that they want to have their hair by our specialist. Cheap Hair Weave Miami and Coral Gables.

Different Types of Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Miami

Here at the salon, we sell Hair Extensions; these are of top quality and are easily useable for people of all different types of hair. We have all styles of extensions and we can place them on your head if needed as well. Some salons only sell what their specialist can place on their head, but here we can sell you your own style of weave without having to place it on you.

If you would like to just purchase it and go on your way we can do that for you as well. We have the best stylists in our shop, before you even get out the chair you understand that it is being one of the best experiences that you ever had with your hair. From the top you can tell that you are receiving an experience.

Weave Hair Extensions

We are very well known for our professionalism and the knowing about how to do almost anything with the specialty. We take a lot of pride in our hairstylist, each one is hired with a unique set of skills that they know how to perform out in the salon. Each hairdresser might know one or two different types of skills that they can express on the floor.

Beauty Green Salon & Extensions Miami

Bgreen Salon is an Eco-conscious Hairdressing Salon Specializing in the Best Hair Extensions, Cut and Color, Manicure, Wedding. Hair Extensions in Coral Gables – Miami! Natural Curly Hair Extensions. Best Quality Hair Extensions and Hair Coloring. BGREEN SALON +1 786-607-3698. Best haircuts and hairstyles in town. Hairdressing Salon Miami Florida.  Haircut and Coloring Service Miami-Dade.


Why the BGreen Hair Extensions are the Best Hair extensions:

BGreen hair extensions are a different kind of hair extensions, talk about the tape in hair extensions their tape wefts feature a sew line which prevents the hair from shedding! When hair extensions do not shed then you are able to reuse the extensions up to three applications. all this in the best place to hair extensions Coral Gables Miami. Because the hair is double drawn there is a lot of hair per tape weft giving you a fuller hair extension makeover with fewer extensions needed. Other brands have less hair per pack and do not have a sew line which leaves the tape wefts shedding after the first application. Then the hair can’t be reused. Hair Salons in this area Miami.

These are High-quality human hair extensions because they also feature blue tape which is ultra-strong but doesn’t leave behind any reside at removal. Other tape brands the glue/tape was so sticky it didn’t come out of the hair and maybe the client could have lost hair. The tape wefts are 1.5 inches wide do it’s impossible for them to tangle or mat. After 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows out, you have them reinstalled. They removed using all-natural oil and they slide right out. No damage with the BGreen’s Salon tape in hair extensions. all this in the best place to hair extensions Coral Gables Miami.

Boost your Hair Volume & Add Curl

Most models you see on the runway at fashion week aren’t just born with amazing hair thick and voluminous hair. They are able to get beautiful, bouncy hair curls with a ton of volume because their stylists add hair extensions before the show! If you want big, sexy hair just ask for an ad volume hair extension application and you’ll be able to achieve the same looks that the models of Milan Fashion Week are rocking too! High-quality human hair extensions Coral Gables Miami.

Excessive hair dying can cause damage to the hair overtime. If you want to add a pop of color, use colorful clip-in or tape-in hair extensions instead! BGreen hair extension salon in Coral Gables Miami offer a variety of different colors and are a great alternative to chemically altering your hair color. Keratin Tip Hair Extensions.

Have a special occasion coming up and want to style your hair some other way than your normal pin-straight or semi-curled hairdo? Make a statement with a glamorous updo! If you have thin or fine hair, it can be difficult to get the look you have your heart set on. But don’t fret! Clip-in extensions can give you instant volume and more hair to work with in order to create the look you desire and ensure your hair looks amazing! High-quality human hair extensions Coral Gables Miami.

Do you generally stick to short hairstyles? If you don’t have the patience to grow out your hair and get the urge to have long hair and luscious hair locks you can simply use hair extensions to lengthen your hair! BGreen hair human hair extensions are a good choice if you want to lengthen your hair while maintaining a natural look. High-quality human hair extensions Coral Gables Miami.

Beauty Green Salon Miami

Here in BGreen hair salons in Coral Gables, we are eco-friendly and use only environmentally friendly materials and ingredients during processing to guarantee high-quality hair extensions. Our hair extensions also made with medical-grade strong adhesive to provide long-lasting wear. You came to the right place in BGreen salons you find the best hair salons of the area of Coral Gables and especially for the best professional that make you feel as a real star of Hollywood. Come to BGreen hair salons in Coral Gables Miami. High-quality human hair extensions in Coral Gables and Miami Florida. Hair Extensions Installations.