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The Best Hair Extensions are Available at Beauty Green Salon in Miami and Coral Gables!

Hair Extension Installations

Hair extensions near me Miami

Hair extensions near me Miami

Hair extensions near me Miami, are always here to be one more tool in our vanity kit. When it comes to installing extensions, there are more and more methods, whether you have used an extension or you are using it for the first time, you need to know which method is the most suitable for you. We offer the safest natural hair extension system for your natural hair. Our answer is that unless the system will not damage the natural hair like the methods we use, we will not. Keratin extensions are microfibers with keratin at the tip (looks like hair with silicone at the tip). The hair is inserted in a U-shape to create a lock of hair. Yours and sealed with a specialized tool that basically transfers heat to seal in silicone or keratin. BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Contact us today.


*The application technique is strand by strand, allowing the hair to move for a natural look.

*This is a good option if you use a color application such as streaks or bands, as the extensions can be a different color than your hair, so you can achieve a very similar effect to the streaks or bands without dyeing your own hair.


*For this method of installation, you always need the help of an expert, which can take 2 to 6 hours.

*Heating is required for use, so prolonged heating can damage your own hair.

*The keratin extension is not reusable, once the keratin is installed at the end of the strand it cannot be reused.

Beauty Green Salon & Extensions

Beauty Green Salon & Extensions

 *It is not possible to cover the whole head with this method, as keratin stains are easily noticed.

If you are looking for natural hair extensions in Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Contact us today area, get in touch! We offer excellent extensions at excellent prices

The Best Hair Extensions are Available at BGREENSALON Miami Salon!

Our salon has hair extensions of the highest quality and you can see how they begin to adapt to your body from the beginning. You can see that they are of the highest excellence. People come to our salons to buy them because they know we have the best stock. When you leave here, the unwanted hair looks like it’s part of your natural appearance, and we’ll leave it as if it’s really part of you. When you hear reviews of hairdressers here, you hear that they look great and we have nothing to complain about but compliments. People from all over the city decided to let our experts do their hair. Hair extensions in Miami. These are of the best quality and easy to use for all hair types. We have all styles of extension, you can also put them on your head if you want. Some salons only sell what their experts can use, but here we can sell you your own weave, you do not have to use it. We offer extensions at attractive prices.

Hair Extensions Explained and Which One is Best for You

BGreen hair extensions are another style of hair extensions, and speaking of the ribbon on the hair clips, their ribbon has seams to keep the hair from falling out! Once the extensions don’t fall out, you can reuse them for up to three applications. All this at the best place for hair extensions in Coral Gables in Miami. Because the hair is pulled twice, there is plenty of hair in each strand, giving you a fuller look without the need for more extensions. Other brands have fewer strands of hair and no seams, which causes the tapes to loosen after the first use. Therefore, the hair cannot be reused. Hairdressers in this area of Miami. Contact us today. BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Hair extensions at eye-catching prices.

Hair extensions near me Miami

Hair extensions near me Miami

These are high-quality human hair extensions, as they also have super strong blue tape that leaves no residue when removed. In other brands of tape, the glue/tape is very sticky and does not come off the hair and the client may experience hair loss. The tape wefts are 1.5″ wide, preventing tangling or matting. After 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth, re-hatch them. They are removed with all-natural oils and slide right out. Using BGreen salon tape on hair extensions will not cause any damage. These are all the best places to get hair extensions in Visit us!  Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida.

Human Hair Extensions (Natural) vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Green hair extensions are the highest quality hair available for extensions. It is made from human hair and is sewn together to form a “weft” or band of long hair. This mimics the natural hair growth of the head as closely as possible. BGreen’s Miami extensions are then placed close to the scalp and can be treated and styled like natural hair. The main feature of BGreen’s Miami hair extensions is that the cuticle remains intact. This means that all the roots are at one end of the graph and all the ends are at the other. Orienting the cuticles in the same direction not only regenerates natural hair growth, but also prevents tangles. A person’s hair that is not kinky gets tangled and frizzy when the cuticles rub against each other. The shiny look of BGreen Miami hair extensions is part of the reason why it is so popular, expensive and natural. BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida.

 Why Use Natural Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can be made of natural hair or synthetic hair. The difference between the two will be reflected in the final look of the hair, the treatment and care, and most importantly, the cost. Natural hair straighteners give you a completely natural look that will become part of your hair. You can curl, crimp, and blow dry, color. They go with any treatment. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, must be handled individually and require material-specific products (shampoo, mousse, etc.). These two types of hair are used to create different hair solutions such as wigs, wigs, wigs, wigs, wigs and extensions or extensions, each will have different properties. BGreen provides attractive hair extensions. We describe them in detail:

Natural hair: compared to synthetic hair, human hair has a more natural finish, harder more and allows for more flexible styling and appearance changes. Because it can be hand-dried, flat ironed, curled with a clip or perm, and even colored, bleached, etc.

Hair Salon - Hair extensions near me Miami

Hair Salon – Hair extensions near me Miami

Synthetic hair: Synthetic hair, on the other hand, has a more artificial finish (although it increasingly mimics natural hair), lasts less time in perfect condition, and does not allow perming, flat ironing, blow-drying or style changes. Background color except for strands that are specifically designed to resist heat). For all these reasons, this conditioner is more economical than natural conditioners.

As we explained in our two articles on wig care and synthetic wig care, these properties mean that each hair solution requires a different range of care depending on hair type. It is important to use the right product for your hair type, as synthetic hair can only be washed and moisturized with products designed specifically for synthetic hair. In BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida.

Human Hair Extensions (Natural) vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions
  1. The outer layer of natural hair extensions is composed of overlapping scales arranged in the same manner as scales on a fish. Run your finger and thumb fairly quickly through the hair strands from the roots to the ends. It will travel quite well. If you do the same in the opposite direction from the ends to the roots, it will feel rough and cause a bit of friction.
  2. Some naturally lighter hair colors will have darker roots and lighter ends, which can make it easier to distinguish the direction of the cuticle.
  3. When washing unprocessed virgin human hair extensions, or any other so-called virgin hair, if a black dye comes out then that will determine that it is synthetic or semi-natural.
Why use natural hair extensions?
Hair Estensions South Miami

Hair Estensions South Miami

In this day and age, changing the look, accentuating the hair and showing off natural, soft and neat hair is not something that everyone can do. However, hair extensions are used for this purpose, so anyone can have the hair of their dreams. Extensions can help you transform your look and get the hair you want. So today we are going to give you some reasons why and tell you what hair extensions are for. Hair extensions allow you to create highlights and highlights on your hair in lighter shades, darker shades… These days, highlights and hair color transitions are all the rage. They rejuvenate the face and lighten the hair. What are extensions for? With extensions you will have more volume, more length and therefore more hair. This is one of the main reasons to use hair extensions. Nowadays, as the years go by, many people no longer have the hair they want. In this case, extensions are the perfect solution.

Transforming the look, accentuating the hair and having natural, soft and sleek hair is not something that everyone can do these days. However, hair extensions are used for this purpose so anyone can get the hair of their dreams. Extensions can help you change the look and get the hair you want. So today we are going to give you some reasons to tell you what hair extensions are for. Hair extensions allow you to create highlights and highlights in your hair in lighter and darker shades… hair highlighting dyes and hair color transitions are all the rage these days. They rejuvenate the face and lighten the hair. What are extensions for? With extensions, you will have more volume, more length and therefore more hair. This is one of the main reasons to use extensions. Today, as the years go by, many people no longer maintain their ideal hairstyle. In this case, extensions are the perfect solution.

Quality and duration of hair extensions

The length of the extension depends on several causes. First, you should consider the quality of the extension you choose and the unit you purchase. A general rule of thumb is that they last 6 to 8 months, but they can last up to two years. It is also important to note that clip-in extensions are different from clip-in extensions in that they can last for years because they are not used as often and are cleaned more frequently. Of course, in addition to quality, caring for your hair extensions is critical to keeping them in good condition. Here we tell you what they are so you can prolong their life as long as possible. BGreen hair extensions are the highest quality hair extensions available. Come now! BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida.

Types of Extensions Available
Hair Estension Florida

Hair Estension Florida

Do you want to have a longer, fluffier mane but don’t know how? We tell you about the different types of hair extensions you can find, categorized by the type of hair used or the technique used to attach them. Create a more exaggerated hairstyle with the volume and length you want and you’ll look great! When talking about hair extensions, people often categorize them according to the technique in which they are applied. However, a distinction must be made between natural hair extensions and synthetic or artificial hair extensions. The difference between the two is that with natural hair you will get a more realistic and natural result. If you are thinking of lengthening your hair and don’t know whether to use natural or synthetic hair, take note of these tips, human hair extensions can be dyed. Synthetic or artificial hair is more sensitive to heat than natural hair. Artificial hair extensions are cheaper than natural hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are recommended for short term and natural hair extensions are recommended for long term. Now that we know this information, let’s look at the types according to how they are ordered.

 Keratin hair extensions

Keratin extensions are one of the most appreciated techniques by lovers of long and voluminous hair. This is the most commonly used technique for scaling applications. As the name suggests, the main feature of these extensions is keratin. Is it an old acquaintance? Keratin is a protein that is an important part of hair, skin and nails and is used in hair care to nourish the hair, repair the shaft and restructure the hair. A woman in a hairdresser’s salon attaches extensions by gluing them where the hair grows. The key to her success? The naturalness of the result. Although the extensions are very durable, the fact is that hair can still fall out when they are attached.

Clip-in extensions
Curly hair extensions

Curly hair extensions

Hair clips are ideal for those who dare to experiment with their hair every day and choose a different hairstyle every day. The most practical are clip-in, click-in or “removable” extensions. They are attached to the hair and can be removed and reattached at any time. A very easy way to try different hairstyles with your hair. Have you tried it? BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida.

Sew-in extensions

According to the experts, the prêt-à-porter or Weft Volume extension is attached by a natural braid and a kind of weft is placed at the end of the extension. They are great for curly or thick hair, although they can also be used on straight hair. What we want to achieve with them is to increase length and volume. BGreen Miami.

Adhesive extension

Glue, bonding or tape extensions are those methods that have adhesive to bind the hair together. Once the extension cord is glued, run the iron through the tag to secure it. Image of binder extension on natural hair. A simple and practical solution to get voluminous hair in minutes because it is not too complicated to attach. If you want to learn more about this type of extension, you can’t miss this article what are binder extensions and how are they set up?

Clip extensions

The inner clip extension is attached with a small special hair clip. A very simple technique that does not damage the hair, but must be maintained with care because, experts explain, it tends to fall out as the hair grows naturally. Come to our store! BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Contact us today. Miami.

 How to care for hair extensions
Coral Gables Hair Extension

Coral Gables Hair Extension

If you have hair extensions, it is very important to take care of your hair. You should use a wide tooth comb every day to remove parts of your hair and yes, no scissors. Also, the extension should be well moisturized with a hair cream or hair mask to avoid the formation of wrinkles or knots. To add volume or lengthen your hair, hair extensions will help you create eye-catching and bouncy hairstyles. Come to our store! BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Contact us today.

 Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape extensions don’t require much, so it’s no wonder they are the most popular hairstyle right now. However, tape in hair extensions have advantages and disadvantages. Nothing in life is perfect, so you will often have some disadvantages (in addition to the disadvantages) when using a stretcher or a tape.

Tape extension is easy to install Installing a tape-in hair extensions takes much less time than other hair extension methods. Installation takes only 30 to 60 minutes, unlike other methods that require you to spend more time. If applied correctly, it can last 6 to 12 weeks on your head.

Tape-in extensions are comfortable. This is very important when you want to lengthen your hair. If you are not happy with your hair, you won’t enjoy wearing them, it’s as simple as that! These extensions are very comfortable because they are lightweight. In fact, many celebrities use tape in special extensions because of their high level of comfort. Other extensions can be frustrating, especially if a professional doesn’t install them correctly. On the other hand, the headband is so light and comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing it. We offer several courses at great prices to help you make your health plan more affordable. At BGreen extensions Miami.

 Disadvantages of tape extensions
Brazilian hair extensions

Brazilian hair extensions

If installed incorrectly, the belt extension can break.

Hair extensions should be installed by professionals with a thorough knowledge of how to assemble hair bands. While the installation process is relatively easy, keep in mind that there are many details to consider.

Tape extensions can cause irritation if not installed correctly.

Tape extensions should be installed approximately 1/4″ away from the base. If not done correctly, the tape will not move and can cause irritation, which can sometimes be very painful. Our service! BGreen Miami, Coral Gables, South Florida. Contact us today. Hair Extensions.

Bgreen Salon

Beauty Green Salon & Hair Extensions, also known as Bgreen Salon, is an eco-friendly salon that prides itself on creativity and technical skill in a minimalist yet sophisticated space. We specialize in pleasing people, and after years of serving our loyal clients, we are proud to open our doors in the Coral Gables area. Our offerings include large expanses at attractive prices. Through beauty, we strive to bring a better quality of life to your world. We know that many of the toxic ingredients found in most commercial beauty products can be detrimental to your health and our ecosystem. Hair Extensions.