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Strand by Strand Hair Extensions

First of all, it is worth remembering that we will find synthetic and natural hair extensions, with obvious differences in price. But the first decision we will have to make is whether we want fixed or temporary extensions. Depending on this we can find removable, semi-permanent or permanent extensions. You should look for Strand by Strand Hair Extensions ; this variety of hair extensions is characterized by the fact that it is attached to the hair by means of a horizontal braid made from the natural hair itself. Thus, a kind of curtain is configured that is integrated into the natural hair through this braid that serves as a support. This type of extensions should be retouched approximately every 15 days. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Types of extensions available:

• Clip-in extensions: These are temporary hair extensions, which are often used to enhance hairstyles and achieve the necessary volume. That is why many women resort to this type of clip-in hair extensions that allow us to gain length and density in the hair at specific moments and instantly. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.
• Adhesive extensions: Also known as "tape" extensions, they are a type of semi-permanent and adhesive extensions whose placement is quite simple.
• Keratin hair extensions: When we talk about fixed extensions , we refer to this technique in which keratin is used as an adhesive to place strands as close as possible to the hairline.
• Clip-in extensions: These are those that are placed with small metal pieces that hold each strand. These clips are fixed and removed from the hair with the help of special pliers. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Hair Color Correction

Hair Color Correction, as its name indicates, is the repair of a failed color attempt, basically consisting of neutralizing the desired tone and/or technique. It is a problem that is usually accompanied by a significant deterioration of the hair, causing breakage, chemical cutting and weakness (flexibility) of the fiber. Having reached that point, the priority is the recovery of the hair, trying (and achieving in most cases) to avoid the easiest and most drastic solution, the cut! Before making any chemical changes to your hair, find out very well about the professional you are going to consult, check if he/she is really a technician in the service you are asking for or if they will simply give you what you ask for. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Full / Partial Hair Highlights

If one thing is clear, it is that in the world of color, different terms associated with new trends emerge every season. Suddenly there are fashions, color trends that we love, but we don't exactly know how to distinguish one from the other and therefore we don't know how to ask for them at the salon. No matter where you look, whether in your group of friends, on Instagram or on TV, they all wear some kind of Full / Partial Hair Highlights that brighten their hair and face; and we love them but we don't know how to differentiate what exactly they wear. But undoubtedly, the success of your great hair is there: in properly illuminating your hair. You can always ask for advice from your stylist who is the best advisor and who knows your hair better than anyone. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup Service

We are specialists in Microblading and Permanent Makeup Service in Miami, we distinguish ourselves by having high quality standards in our products, by providing the best service and support at the time of a quote and for handling the best costs in the market, with us you will be able to locate much but what you need. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. We have the best tools to meet each of the requirements of our customers service, these tools start from the equipment and technology we use for permanent makeup in Miami, through the tests and certifications that we do to the products we use to qualify us in the but high-quality standards to give you the best of us. We train every day to give you the best of our portfolio of permanent makeup in Miami .

Hair Coloring Services

Discover hair color trends and Hair Coloring Services from our stylists. Find the most popular hair colors and finishes. From gradient techniques such as balayage, ombré or Californian to the most natural dyes or even fantasy. At Bgreen Salon we offer coloring services for men and women. Our professionals will advise you to identify the coloring that best suits you, the original tone of your hair and the result you are looking for. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Committed to the care of your hair and dedicated to ensuring excellent results, we always work with the best professional brands. Our clients enjoy a comfortable and professional space, where they receive a complete image consulting service; color, cut, hairstyle. We work with a wide range of professional products of the best brands that can also be purchased in our store area.

Hair Services Men and Women

Hair Services Men and Women, at Bgreen Salon we understand that the haircut is a key element in a woman's appearance. Therefore, we care about each of our clients, receive the advice and attention required to define a cut that fits your features and personality, coming to reflect the best image of herself. A man's haircut reflects his character and personality, and becomes a symbol of his identity. Understanding the physiognomy and features of each man is the starting point to offer him a cut with which he feels comfortable and self-confident. At bgreen Salon, we have the best professionals, tools and products to offer our clients a pleasant cutting experience. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Facial Services - Skin Care

Our Facial Services - Skin Care treatments are indicated to eliminate signs of aging and improve the quality of your skin naturally while maintaining the expressiveness of your face and preserving the features that give you a unique personality. This is done through the attenuation of wrinkles and furrows in the face, improving the degree of hydration of the skin, eliminating blemishes, improving facial sagging or ending with acne problems. Our treatments do not require surgery. The best facial treatment is the one that totally adjusts to the specific needs of your face. Trust the team of experts at Bgreen Salon and let us advise you. To achieve natural results it is essential to customize your treatment. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Hair Extension Installations

Hair extensions are here to stay and have become one more tool in our makeup box. For the Hair Extension Installations there are more and more methods; whether you already use extensions or if it is your first time you should know which is the most convenient method for you. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Keratin hair extensions come in the form of small strands, which have keratin at the tip (to the eye it looks like a strand of hair with some type of silicone at one end). You install the U-shaped strands of hair to a strand of your own hair and seal them with a specialized tool that basically provides heat to seal the silicone or keratin in. They are small wefts of extensions, approximately 7 to 12 cm wide; the tape does not require wefts and is glued directly onto your own hair.

Curly Hair Extensions

Wavy or curly hair extensions are not only for girls with straight hair, they are for us too. And let me explain why curly hair extensions are an accessory you should consider. I'm sure that on many occasions you have wanted to have longer curls or maybe you went to get a haircut and you were left with short curls. With a curl extension you can solve these problems, you can give your curls that missing length so you always look beautiful . Having a curl extension will also help you in important events, sometimes having small curls can limit a beautiful hairstyle, and with curl extensions you can complement this to look the most charming hairstyle on that special date. If you want more volume then extensions are also for you, sometimes creating volume with combs or with your hands can cause frizz and frizz that can damage your curls. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Hair Conditioning Services

Hair Conditioning Services. The secret to a smooth, controlled mane lies in conditioning your hair. There are several techniques for this, and here we will tell you about each of them. Both daily conditioners and deep conditioning treatments will soften the outer cuticle of the hair so that it reflects light. Conversely, dry, damaged hair appears dull because the damaged cuticle cannot serve as a reflective surface. If you experience frizz, a deep conditioning treatment will work to repel moisture in the atmosphere, which helps reduce frizzy hair. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Deep conditioners do have some limitations. Sometimes severely damaged hair, even after a deep conditioning treatment, cannot recover. While deep conditioners are able to repair some damage, they primarily replace moisture and soften the hair. If your hair is severely damaged by excessive chemical processing, we recommend a reconstruction treatment in combination with deep conditioning.

Hair Straightening / Texture

Whether it is the need to find methods that make daily styling faster or the intention to damage the hair as little as possible, permanent Hair Straightening / Texture is one of the most popular bets. It is worth noting that not everyone undergoes this treatment to achieve a perfect straight look. Some people choose it because of its ability to reduce frizz. Permanent straightening or permanent straightening is a professional styling method that modifies the hair structure and makes it completely straight. To do this, the hair bonds are first broken and then reconstructed through a meticulous chemical process. As a final step, the new shape is sealed. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.
Although this method uses chemical and neutralizing solutions to alter the shape of the hair, there are different techniques to achieve this.

Hair Extension Salon

Hair Extension Salon are used both to add length to the mane and to add volume to the hair. They are also used to add shades of color to the mane. They are ideal for women with fine hair or thinning hair, as well as for those who have cut their hair and need to regain some length. For women with fine hair, it is recommended to opt for keratin or adhesive extensions . If you have thick hair, it is best to choose "micro ring" or sew-in extensions. And if we are talking about African type hair, we can choose knot extensions without fear of damaging it or sewn extensions. If this is the first time, we are going to use hair extensions, we can use clip-in hair extensions as an introduction. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Human Hair Extensions

Bgreen Salon is the ideal place, where you will get the best 100% Human Hair Extensions. Our salon focuses on satisfying the tastes and preferences of women's hair. If you are willing to wear a unique and different hair from others, do not hesitate to come to Bgreen Salon, because we offer 100% quality and guarantee. It has always been considered the motto that a woman's hair is a crown of beauty. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Throughout time until now, women have invented a thousand and one ways to maintain radiant hair. If we go back to the past, women wore wigs because these implements enhanced their femininity. Women in the past centuries wore lush hairstyles, braids and ornaments just by wearing wigs. This fashion has not ceased to exist, because today women enhance their beauty by buying 100% natural hair extensions . These accessories or complements have become the number one of their purchases.

Tape Hair Extensions

Simply put, Tape hair extensions are strands of hair about 4 centimeters wide. They are called adhesive precisely because they incorporate an adhesive tape at the top which is then attached to another extensible strand. These types of extensions are a simple and practical solution to have a voluminous and long mane in a matter of minutes, since it is not very complicated to put them on. Another advantage is that they are very manageable, can be customized and their cost is not very high. You can even wear Californian or balayage highlights without bleaching your hair - a real luxury for those with fine, weak or brittle hair! Having a voluminous and XL hair instantly is possible with semi-permanent adhesive extensions or tapes that last about 2 months and can be reused up to 3 times. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions are also known as cold fusion. These extensions are applied using a pulling tool, either a hook or loop, which pulls the client's hair through a very small micro ring . The I-tip extension is inserted into the micro ring which is then compressed with special pliers, this compression holds the extension in place. Usually the I-tip hair is cold fused to the natural hair. This process has its advantages and disadvantages. Use a Micro-Ring process which involves pulling your hair through a small metal loop in the extension base to attach the I-tip hair extensions to your hair. Hair Extension Salon are used both to add length to the mane and to add volume to the hair. They are also used to add shades of color to the mane. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Weft hair extensions

More volume, thicker and more comfortable than traditional hair extensions, Weft hair extensions are thicker and larger. Quickly thicken and lengthen your hair, clip-in extensions are the easiest and fastest tool to add volume and length ever. If you want to have thicker hair instantly for dating, wedding, role play, performance or other important events. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Bgreen Salon clip in hair extensions will be your good choice. Excellent colors and silky straight design are specified to blend well with your own hair perfectly and guarantee this natural look. Super easy to use, immediate application Clip-on hair extensions are invisible, temporary and damage-free. It attaches to your head with the U-shaped clips which are covered by your own hair. No one will discover your secret. Just one piece of hair extensions, but you can get a new trendy look in a few minutes.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions consists of individual strands of natural hair, with a keratin eyelash on top in a U-shape. In this extension placement system, the eyelash is attached to our own hair by taking thin strands of hair, placing the keratin eyelash on top, and undoing it with the keratin extension applicator. Some of the advantages of keratin extensions placement:

• High flexibility. They offer a lot of mobility at the root. This allows many different hairstyles, from ponytails, updos or semi-updos. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.
• Undetectable. They are difficult to detect as they are placed one by one.
• They do not damage the hair.
• Color effects. When hooked individually it is easy to mix different colors, giving modern and current touches of color, such as gradients or highlights.
• Better durability. If the extensions are well maintained, they can last more than 4 months in place. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach.

Nail Care - for Hands and Feet

Our hands help us to perform many tasks every day and our feet are the ones who support our weight throughout our lives, two fundamental reasons why we take care of them with Nail Care - for Hands and Feet , don't you think? There are many types of manicure that adapt to each type of nails and it is important to perform the treatment that best suits us to achieve the goal of having perfect hands. While our hands are unprotected against weather changes and the wear that can occur on the skin by the use we give them, our feet are responsible for walking every day and shoes can give us corns or blisters that besides hurting, are not at all aesthetic. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. A constant manicure and pedicure help us to get rid of dead cells, improve circulation and have a hydrated and soft skin.

Eyelashes and Brow

Our Eyelashes and Brow service is based on the analysis of your face, the natural shape of your eyebrows and your tastes to achieve a harmonious way to give more personality to your look. We design each eyebrow in a personalized and exclusive way. We will also advise you on how to maintain it, make it up or dye it so you can get the most out of it. Hair Cutting Places Miami Beach. Eyelash extensions are intended to enlarge and intensify the look in a natural way, especially in the case of women who suffer from scarcity and need more quantity and volume. For this purpose, an extension made of silk, mink or polyester fiber is attached using ethyl cyanoacrylate, a glue that does not pose any risk to the health of our eyes. The result will be natural-looking, long and curved eyelashes.

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