Curly Hair Weave Coral Gables Miami

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Curly Hair Weave Coral Gables Miami

Curly Hair Weave Coral Gables Miami

We are a Salon and Spa located in Miami, specializing in the Best Hair Extensions, Cut and Color, Manicures, Weddings & Makeup . Hair Extensions with knowledge and many years of experience in Coral Gables and South Florida. We have a clear vision of the needs of our customers which is why we do personal installations to select our hair extensions to offer the best in quality and price. Curly Hair Weave Coral Gables Miami.

Nowadays, the need to look better and better, not only on the outside but also on the inside, is the main reason why we are willing to offer you more and better possibilities every day so that you can find in BGreen Salon and Spa in Miami a friend who understands you, who smiles with you and who accompanies you at all times in Miami.

BGreen Salon and Spa in Miami is more than installations of hair extensions and accessories, it is emotion. We go beyond what others see. We think of you, we create a bond that allows us to understand you and care about offering you the best Types of Hair Extensions and Keratin Treatment. Love yourself and let yourself be loved, this is our reason for being and our main goal, to know how you feel.

Hair Salon and Spa in Coral Gables, South Florida, and Miami

Come and visit our hair salon and Spa in Miami, where you will find a wide range of hair extensions and other installations options according to what you are looking for, a temporary solution for your image or a change of look. There you will have the privacy you expect and personalized advice with people of extensive experience and human quality. We are a hair salon in Coral Gables and Miami of Hair Extensions, Natural Hair, and other accessories, we offer a wide assortment of Extensions and Hair colors of all qualities: Natural, Processed and Synthetic.

We offer installations of hair extensions in curtains, either with clips or fixed.

All you need to know about types of hair extensions
Application and Hair Extensions

Application and Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are strands or curtains of hair installations that are added to your hair and serve mainly to add volume and/or length to your hair. You can achieve the same results with all hair extensions, the only difference is the placement system.

Which of the different types of hair extensions in Miami (clip, knot, Keratin System, Seamless Tape System, Weft Hair…) are the best?

All installations of Hair Extensions in Miami are good if they are well done and if a previous assessment has been made to choose the most appropriate system. For fine hair, adhesive and/or keratin extensions are recommended. For thick hair, the best technique is the micro ring technique. The extensions with the knot technique are more suitable for thicker and more robust African type hair, otherwise, in fine European type hair, you can split them.

If we want a comfortable system for all types of hair and without any probability of damage, we recommend the clip system. These installations are innocuous since, as it is not permanent, it is applied punctually using clips.

Clip hair extensions in Miami are easier and quicker to attach, and clip-in extensions are ideal for enhancing hairstyles on special occasions. If you want more volume, length, or density they allow you to add that little something extra instantly. The only disadvantage is that you can’t sleep with them, you must remove them before going to bed.

Can Hair extensions cause natural hair to fall out, break or break off?

The Hair extensions are respectful with the hair and in no case damage the scalp as long as a proper placement is done with each of the techniques. The only thing that could damage the hair is a misuse of the placement technique. For example, with keratin or Microlink extensions if they are placed by selecting too little hair. In these cases, they could weaken the root of the selected strand. In Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami, we always recommend that the extensions are placed by a qualified professional and accustomed to performing such work.

In case of inconvenience may be caused due to the selection of inadequate sections of hair, ie larger or smaller. In case of fall and/or breakage would be due to malpractice in the placement.

In Bgreen Salon and Spa in Coral Gables, we make a previous analysis according to the type of hair and the number of extensions required. The key is good advice by highly qualified staff, avoiding mistakes in the choice of the type of extension, and choosing the right placement system.

What are the advantages of fixed technique hair extensions?
Best Miami Hair Extensions Miami Salon

Best Miami Hair Extensions Miami Salon

The technique hair extensions can be placed in various systems and should always be done by a professional of the extensions in our specialized Salon and Spa in Miami, Coral Gables. The main systems of Human Remy Hair extensions are adhesive, nano ring, and micro ring.

Keep in mind that the number of extensions you will need depends on your hair type and the amount of hair you have. For example, a mane with fine hair and a small amount of hair will need fewer extensions than a mane with a lot of thick hair. For this reason, you must let Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami team of stylists advise you. They will provide you with the best recommendation so that the result is natural.

These types of hair extensions are permanent and long-lasting, so you can sleep, go to the beach, and exercise with them. It is important to perform maintenance every 6-8 weeks in Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami because the hair grows and the extension must be repositioned near the root. The price of maintenance varies depending on the type of extensions you wear and the technique is chosen, so call us to ask for our prices, or you can come to our store in Miami, Coral Gables.

Would we recommend the use of extensions?

We recommend the use of extensions. In the vast majority of cases, what we do in Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami are fully satisfactory experiences that promote self-esteem, enhance security and the perception of one’s self-image. For us, it is a satisfaction to be congratulated when we see how the hairstyle has been re-dimensioned. Even those women who had not used a service of extensions placement and, in the end, are surprised how easy and comfortable it is to wear hair extensions.

why get hair extensions in Miami Coral Gables South Florida?

With naturalness as the basis of our work, extensions not only lengthen the hair, they are also ideal to add volume and to make color effects with lighter highlights illuminating the hair without using chemical products on the hair and scalp. Extensions are a perfect complement to add dimension and body and can achieve natural results.

Why choose Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami?
Hair Extensions Miami, Hair Extensions Miami Hair Salon!

Hair Extensions Miami, Hair Extensions Miami Hair Salon!

Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami is your reference salon specializing in natural hair. Our stylists will advise you when placing, maintaining, and buying natural hair extensions. With a varied collection, you can choose from various qualities of hair, different systems of placement, textures, colors, and finishes. Enjoy a unique experience in a space designed especially for you, because in Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami you are the protagonist. Complement your hair by increasing the volume or getting longer, illuminate your face without dyes or simply change your style quickly and comfortably. Put yourself in our hands, the best stylists are here!

We only work with premium tools and carefully selected extensions of superior quality. Feel your mane re-dimensioned or your hair full of vitality in just one appointment. Discover the collection and let yourself be seduced.

At Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami, we love women and we like to make them feel good. We are looking for that something extra that enhances the image, also, we are a quality alternative that allows you to achieve the look you want at any time quickly and easily.

At Bgreen Salon and Spa in Miami, we have set ourselves a challenge: to revolutionize the world of hair extensions as we know it to offer you hair accessories truly tailored to your needs. Now you can finally enjoy the change and look the way you want to look like never before. Zip Code Miami: 33101 33109 33125 33126 33127 33128 33129 33130 33131 33132 33133 33134 33135 33136 33138 33139 33142 33144 33145 33146 33147 33149 33150  Zip Code Coral Gables:33124 33133 33134 33143 33144 33146 33156 33158 33206

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