Best Remy Hair Extension Coral Gables Miami

Perhaps you’re considering for the perfect technique to increase length, volume and glamour to your hair? Try natural hair extensions at our salon BGreen hair.  Our salon does that, we offer hair extensions the best salon; these are available in different lengths and a variety of colors, allowing you to receive a customized style created just for you.  Add subtle shades to coordinate with your existing hair color, or add contrasting hair colors for instant highlights.

Best remy hair Extension Coral Gables Miami

Best remy hair Extension Coral Gables Miami

Best remy hair at the extension. They can transform your locks from lackluster to amazing. At their worst they can look classless, cheap and very bad, so we’re highly recommended as the best salon on Coral Gables and Miami for selling hair extensions. Only in BGreen salon. We’re a BGreen salon, we’re not only a beauty salon where we offer haircuts, but also we offer a wide range of hair extensions in our salon, we’re the leading in Miami and Coral Gables hair extension salon!

We stock the most comprehensive range of high grade clips of human hair extensions available on the market. Our salon staff is industry experts who can guide you in getting the best remy hair extensions for your hair type & lifestyle. You can find us at 3812 SW 8th St, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

If you’re thinking about make this change in your hair and use hair extensions at BGreen salon in Coral Gables and Miami, come here and try it, in BGreen salon you can find the best experts in hair extensions we have a lot and a wide range of hair extensions, if you’re asking for a salon that does hair extensions and a hair salon near, you came to the right place, BGreen is the salon for you.

Maybe you’re wondering about the hair extensions, the pros and cons, and we have for you some hair extensions tips, to make you feel more comfortable when you make the decision and use our hair extensions in BGreen salon.

How do I wash my hair extensions?

Wash the hair in one direction from top to bottom. Avoid washing hair upside down. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. If possible avoid using products that contain alcohol or sulfates.  Shampoos with harsh lathering agents can strip your hair of vital nutrients and cause it to become dry.  Wash hair extensions right after swimming. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top. This advices is from the hair stylists of the BGreen salon

Best remy hair Extension Miami

Best remy hair Extension Miami

A high percentage of people always hunted to have a dense head of voluminous, flowing hair, like the celebrities you’ve watched on TV and the models you saw in magazines. Sure, you realized that they probably had some professional intervention at the salon to help make their hair look that great. Maybe this has been always a source of great frustration. A glamorous salon secret: Hair extension at salon obviously at BGreen Salon in Coral Gables.

We specialize in providing natural, amazing hair extensions at an unbeatable price. Because of this, our salon and hair extensions have become very popular across Florida, Miami and Coral Gables. Due to our high quality extensions of human hair, it was inevitable that we would also dominate other parts of the area.

You can find a wide range of hair extension at our salon. You will more than likely be interested in our tape hair extensions or micro bead hair extensions if you’re after a permanent method or clip in hair extensions for the non-permanent method. We are the best salon of all Coral Gables and Miami.

Here in BGreen salon the best salon if you’re questioning about a hair salon in the area of Coral Gables Miami, we applied a different methods of hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions and Thermo Plastique, which involves a relatively gentle process that can be removed without damage to your hair. (We also add that the micro-bonding points are barely visible.)

The objective with hair extensions is to have the most natural look you can achieve,” says one of our specialist, who notes that while synthetic types are most plentiful, a human hair is superior in its viability. (In addition, synthetic hair cannot typically be heated, so styling options are limited — meaning forget the blow dryer and curling iron.) If you’re a doubt of hair extension call our stylist in BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami

Why the BGreen hair extensions are the best remy hair extensions:

BGreen extensions are a different kind of hair extensions, talk about the tape in hair extensions their tape wefts feature a new line which prevents the hair from shedding! When hair extensions do not shed then you are able to reuse the extensions up to three applications. Because the hair is double drawn there is a lot of hair per tape weft giving you a fuller hair extension makeover with fewer extensions needed.  Other brands have less hair per pack and do not have a sewing line which leaves the tape wefts shedding after the first application. Then the hair can’t be reused.

Best remy hair Extension Miami

Best remy hair Extension Miami

These are the best remy hair extensions because they also feature blue tape which is ultra-strong but doesn’t leave behind any reside at removal. Other tape brands the glue/tape was so sticky it didn’t come out of the hair and maybe the client could lose hair. The tape wefts are 1.5 inches wide so it’s impossible for them to tangle or mat. After 8-12 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows out, you have them reinstalled. They are removed using all-natural oil and they slide right out. No damage with the BGreen’s salon tape in hair extensions.

Hair extensions are the best-kept secret, along with eyelash extensions and micro bladed eyebrows. But with any natural beauty enhancer, you want to make sure your hair extensions look natural. Hair extensions should enhance your look and be the best-kept secret. With the right pair of extensions no one will know you are wearing extensions-even if they feel your hair!

At BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami the extensions are all 100% seamless-even our seamless invisible clip ins cannot be felt in your head if someone runs their fingers through your hair! That is the point of extensions, make them feel and look natural. So how do you make extensions look natural? Visit our salon BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami.

We have all seen someone whose hair extensions did not look real and we never want to get caught with hair extensions that do not look natural! Here at BGreen salon you’re hair extensions always will look natural and perfect. Use these 5 tips to guarantee your hair extensions will look real and natural! As long as you follow these steps you will never have to worry if anyone notices your extensions because they will look real. Follow these 5 crucial steps. Our salon stylist gave these tips for you, to look your hair extensions like a Hollywood star.

1-Have enough hair extensions

You want to make sure you have enough hair extensions to match your own hair density. That means, if you have thick hair you will need a lot of hair extensions to match all of that hair you have. If you have thinner/finer hair you will need less hair. If you have short hair you will also need a lot of extensions as well. You need many layers to cover up your short layers. The first dead giveaway if someone is wearing extensions if they do not have enough hair extensions in.

This is super important if you want your hair extensions to look real! Make sure you get extra hair so you have enough hair installed and you are confident with your hair. The most important part will be having enough hair installed on your hair. As long as you have enough hair you will be fine. The best results in hair extension you’ll get with the experts from BGreen salon.

2-Use the right type of hair extension for your hair

If you have super thin or fine hair, wearing traditional clip extensions probably will not be best for you. They will be too bulky, weigh down your hair and probably not look good. If you only wear hair extensions for special occasions, the BGreen’s salon Coral Gables Miami invisi-clips will be best for you as they are seamless thin clip wefts that look like tape ins. However, if you have super fine hair and want semi-permanent hair extensions, then something like invisi-tapes will be best for you. Having the right type of hair extension is best for making your extensions blend and look natural.

3- Get a Color Match

Usually with hair extensions you can go 2-3 shades darker or lighter from your hair color and the hair extensions will blend and look natural. However, if you have a unique color or you are buying hair extensions online you will want to have the right color match. You are not matching extensions to your root; you are matching them to your ends.

Most will use 1-3 colors for the perfect color blend. If the extension color does not match, this is usually a dead giveaway that you are wearing extensions. If you want those hair extensions to look real and you are buying hair extension online always get a free color match before buying. Here at BGreen salon Coral Gables Miami we color match thousands of hair colors each day to make sure everyone’s hair will match. You must have the right color(s) when it comes to wearing extensions.

Also note, if you have a gorgeous unique hair color that no hair extension company carries, it is always best to purchase the lightest blonde color #60 and color it to match your own hair. This is the best way to make your hair extensions look real if you have a unique color. Coloring your hair extensions is very easy; just use a color safe shampoo to keep the color locked in. Remember all this advices is from our experts in BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami.

4- Use several different hair extension lengths

Those with thin shoulder length hair are the ones who get away with wearing extensions and making them look real with minimal effort. Why? Because they need one length and a little bit of hair to enhance their hair. However, if you have layers or long hair you may need two different hair lengths. One longer length to give you a longer look and one shorter hair extension length to blend with your layers. Using two lengths is a great way to make your hair extensions look real and match your own natural layers.

5- Use high quality human hair

This is a MUST if you are going to wear hair extensions! Cheaper or fake hair extensions seem like a good deal until after the first wash when they mat and frizz up and you are there with frizzy extensions that do NOT match your own hair texture at all! When it comes to extensions invest in high quality hair-this will save you a TON OF MONEY down the road. How? You will not need to replace your hair extensions often because they are real human hair that will wash and style like your own hair.

If you want your extensions to look real you HAVE to get the best human hair extensions on the market and this only can be if you go to BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami. Even if they are a little more expensive investing into high quality hair will make your extensions look real and you will not have to worry about if they will matt or frizz after a few washes! If you want your extensions to look real, get the best quality extensions out there so you are confident they will last! Invest in yourself with the professionals from BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami.

6-Go with the pros! BGreen hair salon experts in hair extensions in Coral Gables Miami

This is the best advice we can give you-go to a hairstylist when it comes to getting your hair extensions to look real and natural. Sure, extensions these days are pretty much DIY right? They may be, but BGreen salon hairstylists can cut and blend those extensions the best! If you invest into a high quality set of extensions you might as well take them to a hairstylist who will cut, color, and apply for those extensions.

The BGreen salon hairstylists have all the tricks, and they WILL blend the extensions to make them look 100% natural! Hair extensions usually need cut to match your own hair. Once you get your extensions call up your hair stylist and have her apply and cut the extensions. The last thing you want is not to have your extensions blended. This will make all the difference!

That is it getting hair extension to look natural is super easy. Always have enough hair, have the right color, and have them cut and blended by a professional from BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami! Once you get a high quality set of salon hair extensions you will have those extensions well over a year and you will not have to invest in more extensions for over a year and they will look natural if you take care of them!

How to choose the best remy hair extensions? In BGreen salon there are so many brands to choose from, but not all brands of hair extensions are the best or a high quality product, The experts from BGreen will help you to decide. When it comes to something as personal as (your little secret!) hair extensions you want to make sure you are getting a good product that doesn’t matt or tangle after the first wash. Hair extensions are an investment, the better the quality you buy the longer they last and the more REAL they look. After all, that is the point of hair extensions. The professionals from BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami will guide you through this.

Natural human hair extensions vs. synthetic hair extensions

When looking for the best remy hair extensions, you should check whether they are made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Not only will human hair last longer, it will also look like your own hair and can be treated likewise. We presume that not everyone will be comfortable using human hair. But you need to remember, that you cannot use heat with synthetic hair. Forget about the hair dryer, straighteners or any other styling tools. Natural hair, on the other hand, can withstand any heat application. You can make a beautiful curl or straighten your hair if you wish. Take the advices from the professionals from BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami.

How much hair do you get in the set?

One of the aspects to consider when choosing the hair extension is how much actual hair and how many wefts you get for your money. Even though some brands, such as BGreen’s salon Coral Gables Miami, are slightly more expensive than the others, I believe it is better to invest slightly more initially than have to buy a new set in a year’s time. BGreen salon has more hair in their sets. Also, there are 7 wefts in the set. This means that you will be able to distribute the hair extensions more evenly, especially if you have a fine hair.

When buying a high-quality product, you are paying for the hair you can wear confidently for a long time. If you see less expensive hair online, make sure it is genuine Remy human hair, so it lasts. Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions.

Preserving the hair cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. Remy hair is also considered to be the healthiest because it is picked one strand at a time. You won’t regret to buy a set of hair extension from BGreen salon.

What is a tape-in hair extension?

Tape-in extension is the latest hair extensions trend on the market. Tape-in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1-inch wide pre-taped hair wefts that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. Nowadays, this is the most popular hair extension method in salon worldwide. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months. The hair is reusable. It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage. Obviously in BGreen salon we applied this method.

The application of tape hair extensions is pretty simple. You section your hair into a thin straight line, remove the backing tape seal and place it under a small section of your natural hair, as close to the scalp as possible. It is advised to use as little hair as possible as the sticking strength of the tape will be much higher, the more hair you stick it to, and the less likely it is to hold.

You then need to smooth your hair onto the tape using the end of a tail comb. The next step is to take another piece of tape hair, remove the seal and press it directly on top of the previous piece. It is then recommended to leave your hair unwashed for at least 3 days so the taped hair has enough time to set. The natural look from BGreen’s salon hair extensions will make all the difference!

Finally, whatever type of hair extensions you choose, remember to familiarize yourself with the products beforehand. Also, try to go for the best quality you can afford. It will pay off in a long term. After all, it’s your look you invest in. Get best results for hair extensions, in the hands of professional will be your hair extensions, here at BGreen salon in Coral Gables Miami you surface to find the largest variety of hair extensions dye, in addition we have many services are attractive for you, don’t forget to ask about our massage services, many beauty salon promise many things, but only the responsibility and seriousness of BGreen salon Coral Gables Miami will give you the necessary tranquility to get some treatment experts.

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